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Links & Research


Separated into health issue, you will find a number of links to papers and articles outlining the efficacy of acupuncture in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions.

Back Pain

The Clinical Journal of Pain

Knee Pain

Oxford Journal - Rheumatology

Acupuncture Today - for Knee Pain

NCBI - National Library of Medicine - Chronic Knee Pain

NCBI - National Library of Medicine - Osteoarthritis

Frozen Shoulder, Elbow & Arm Pain

Acupuncture Today - for Pinched Nerve

Acupuncture Today - for Tennis Elbow

Neck Pain

NCBI - National Library of Medicine - for Chronic Neck Pain


Sports Injuries

Acufinder - for Athletes


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Acufinder - for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Migraines, Headaches & Pain

The New York Times | Alternative Medicine


Bell's Palsy

NCIB - Library of Medicine


Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Science Daily

Acupuncture Today


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