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Image by Jan Huber


Frequency Specific Microcurrent


Dr. Carolyn McMakin has brought back into popular use, a modality that was being used by doctors in the early 1900's but was forced out of medicine by the Flexnor Report in the 1940's by the AMA which ruled that doctors could only practice medicine using drugs and surgery. Any other healing modalities, including herbs, homeopathy, electro-medicine, nutrition, would cause a loss of licensure. However, these electro-medicine modalities have made a come-back and are helping people to get out of pain that even pain clinics have not been able to resolve. 

The key to successful results using FSM is having the correct diagnosis. The cure lies in addressing the exact tissues and exact pathologies that are involved in those tissues. This is because each tissue resonates at its own frequency and can only be addressed by sending current (at physiological level, meaning that you don't feel the current) which is pulsing at that resonant frequency. This involves a careful and thorough intake of the history of the illness or injury, and thorough knowledge of anatomy on the part of the practitioner. I have trained in the Core and Advanced trainings for FSM, and since those trainings in 2020, have helped many people to get out of pain, reduce fibromyalgia, heal concussion and PTSD, and regulate the nervous system, to name just a few things that FSM is helpful for. 

If you are interested in learning more, please check out the book, The Resonance Effect, by Dr. Carolyn McMakin.

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