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Light Therapy


Light Therapy

Light Therapy-Pre & Post Effects. Figure 7


Near infra-red light has been shown in multiple studies to penetrate through the adult cranium, and significant increases in blood flow have been shown on SPECT imaging scans, improving cognitive symptoms in patients with long-standing effects of traumatic brain injury. 

"Figure 7 (to the left) is a sample SPECT image of the pre and post effects of PLT on the brain blood flow of one Veteran seen in private practice. Similar results were seen in a small demonstration project where 5 Veterans with documented mTBI applied InLight Medical polychromatic light LED therapy (PLT) pads with Progressive Multi-pulse™ technology (Fig.6) to their heads for a minimum of 20 minutes, 3 times per week for 12 weeks. Brain SPECT imaging was obtained before and after the PLT application. The results were impressive. Each Veteran reported a marked improvement in their symptoms. In addition, there were significant increases in the SPECT imagining of brain blood flow. (FIGURE 7) To learn more about this demonstration project, please refer to InLight Medical’s award-winning documentary, Light Up To LiveTBI White Paper, Inlight Wellness

Light therapy has its greatest effects through increasing nitric oxide in the body. Vasodilation, angiogenesis, and neurogenesis are among the many healing processes triggered by the photobiomodulation release of nitric oxide. 

"DiDuro (2016) demonstrated that using an FDA-cleared red/NIR device for 20 minutes, three times a week for six weeks in 152 patients with diabetic neuropathy resulted in a 30-40% overall improvement in their symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.12 Mounting evidence suggests the improved nerve function was achieved by PBMT improving blood flow via angiogenesis and vasodilation.

"Nitric oxide has been demonstrated to cause a local vasodilatation of the vasculature resulting in increased local blood flow to the tissue to which the light is applied bringing with it an increase in oxygen, glucose, and the body’s natural healing substances. Although the vasodilatation may last only 4 or 5 hours, once the nucleus has been activated to initiate the manufacture of the healing substances, it has been shown that these can continue to exert healthful effects for many weeks. Neuropathy White Paper, Inlight Wellness. 

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