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Hands on Stomach


Digestive Health


There is so much need for help with digestive issues in the past several years. Much of this is, sadly, due to the large quantities of glyphosate sprayed onto our country's most commonly consumed staple crops, wheat, since the 1990's. This along with other assaults we are subject to living in today's modern world, has caused a huge increase in intestinal symptoms, wheat and other food sensitivities due to the compromised health of the gut wall, and the effects of this on the immune system, and overall health of the digestive system. 

If you are having digestive symptoms, or food intolerances, and need help navigating through the maze of possible causes and cures, let me be your guide and helper. Aside from the gifts of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, which can be very helpful, there are sometimes particular diagnoses that need to be pinpointed, such as histamine intolerance, or fodmaps sensitivity, or leaky gut. I can help you figure out the solutions needed to calm your symptoms, learn new habits for health, and create healing.

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