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Community Acupuncture


The original intent of a community acupuncture clinic was to provide an affordable option to receive regular acupuncture care.  Here at Double Lotus, rather than treatments being rendered in a group setting, patients are given individual rooms where they can experience the benefits of a regular acupuncture treatment, with privacy and peaceful relaxation. The time on the table is also the same as in a regular treatment, one hour. However, the time with the practitioner is abbreviated to 15 minutes.  This is a new kind of community acupuncture, with the intention to create peace within each patient that ripples out to our entire community.

What to expect

This community acupuncture is appropriate for all but is not always comprehensive depending on your condition and concern.  For complex cases, we recommend coming to our regular session clinic and supplementing with community acupuncture appointments as schedule and budget allow.  We are not able to review any lab work, give extensive nutritional or herbal counseling, or offer cupping, e-stim, or other additional modalities in the community acupuncture setting.  We are able to provide you with an affordable option that will allow you to experience and enjoy acupuncture with greater frequency.

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