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Functional Medicine


The Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition movements have been gaining more and more momentum in the past few years, helping so many to finally pinpoint the source of illness, and treat it naturally, with the appropriate natural nutrients, supplements, herbs and extracts. The specific functional medicine categories that I specialize in are:

Blood Chemistry Laboratory Panel Analysis

If you bring me your standard blood chem labs (or we can order them for you if you do not have a PCP), I will be able to analyze the data, and understand what areas may be needing focus for greater health. I will prescribe the natural supplements, foods, and lifestyle factors that will help to heal the imbalance, and improve vitality in the areas specific to your needs.

Diabetes and Dysglycemia

With the increase in consumption of refined foods, the rates of Diabetes and Dysglycemia (blood sugar imbalances, high or low) have become a common health problem, and one without clear warning signs. The conventional medical establishment will tell you that medications are the way to mitigate this problem, but the truth is that, in most cases, type 2 diabetes is a very curable "disease". The recommended number of carbohydrates needs to be lower, so that medications can be avoided. There are intricacies to understanding where you may stand in the continuum of Dysglycemia. If you do, or suspect you may have a problem, this is where I can help, along with coaching and recommendations for foods and lifestyle factors that can heal this condition.

Fertility and Post-Partum Care

It is helpful when we can address an issue form more than one angel. Aside from offering effective acupuncture care for fertility and post-partum needs, issues can be addressed from a functional medicine perspective if it is needed or desired. 

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